Values Voters 2011

What other political event would have a speaker saying, “Public service is a ministry” ? That was Rep Vicky Hartzler, who was outspent 22-to-1 but was victorious in Missouri in the amazing repudiation of Liberalism that occurred in 2010. This was supported by the previous speaker, Ann Marie Buerkle (R-NY) another alumnus of 2010, who said, “It’s not the money; it’s the issues.”

Here at the Values Voters Summit in Washington, DC, those issues are “faith, family and freedom.” Our question of participants here will be, “Has the economic downturn helped or hindered the issues of faith, family and freedom?”

Un-sustainable indebtedness and un-keep-able promises by politicians (or anyone!) are really a moral issue.

Matt Spaulding of the Heritage Foundation suggests we “start with the big things” when beginning to dismantle ‘big government.’ “Obamacare, for example is blatantly un-constitutional. … We need to change the paradigm from investing in the government – because that’s what taxation is, really – to investing in our own futures.” The alternative paradigm plan is what Stuart Butler calls “a giant IRA”

“The objective of the modern Liberal Progressive is to fundamentally change the character of this nation, into something like Europe. They are pretending that this process is inevitable and that any deviation from this ‘progress’  will be unacceptably painful and destructive to “Americas, as we know it.” This is simply not true! We have to remember that our real purpose in the current struggle is to save our country.” Matt Spaulding.

Matthew Staver of Liberty University, emphasizes “America will always support Israel. America and Israel have a common enemy – radical Islam!” Peace will come to the Palestinians if their leader would simply say “We recognize Israel’s right to exist,” but that is unlikely to happen because they do not want peace – they want to destroy Israel.

He concludes, “Let it not be said that, on our watch, we let Western Civilization fail!”

Rick Santorum reminds us that, at the time of our founding, the definition of happiness was the liberty to pursue what is right.

It gets down to the moral cause of saving our country.  If the changes the progressive liberals want take place, we may still have the name America, but it will no longer be the land of the free.

The so-called “stimulus” programs were deliberately created so that we would become so dependent on government and – not incidentally – so indebted that the liberals could say that any reductions would destroy the country.  Not so!  They say it is the inevitable course of capitalism.  Not so!  In fact, the Heritage Foundation has a plan that will bring us a balanced budget in just 10 years!  That is only one plan of many out there, and none of the plans on the conservative side will hurt the down and out, the truly needy, the children or the elderly.  Those plans, however, won’t help the greedy, the power-hungry nor the so-called ‘elites’ who think they know better than we do how we should live.

Some wonder why we’re at a values voter’s summit when the economy is so bad and what does the economy have to do with values?  Isn’t capitalism dog-eat-dog, or at least value-neutral?  Not at all!  It is a promise to all generations that this country will give you the framework to be your best and will not confiscate your property.   Now, alot of people don’t think that promises are moral, they are just something to say now and then and we have the option to change our minds, even just because we feel like changing our minds.  When we bring morality back into the country, promises – and credit – will mean something again.

Another point well made today was that many Americans now believe that ‘regulations’ are the same as ‘laws.’  So little is taught to our citizens about how our government should work that they are easily led to believe anything.  We’ve got to recognize the greatness of our founding principles and love them again, live them again and teach them again.

2:25pm  More people than ever are standing to welcome Rick Perry to the podium after a rousing introduction by Pastor Jeffers. Another applause line from Gov Perry, “When you hear the left talking about about “fair share” you know they’re playing fast and furious with the truth.”

Perry’s three pillars, “a strong economy, strong families and a strong military.” “All human life… all human life… is created in the image of our Creator.”  When Texas (under Perry) defunded Planned Parenthood, an astonishing $47,000,000 was diverted from this death-dealing organization.  ”The demise of the family is the demise of any great society.” [do we suspect Perry of deliberately indicating LBJ's infamous "Great Society" war on poverty?]

“A key component of keeping America secure, is keeping Israel secure. … and when I’m President of the United States, America will once again stand with our friends.” applause.

“There is no homeland security without border security.”

“The government exists to serve the American people… not the other way around… and certainly not to serve people that just figured out some way to sneak in here… like the Obama’s relatives!” Laura Ingraham 3:48pm Her demonstration sign, held out from the podium “Hug the rich!”

Herman Cain “Leaders fix stuff instead of talkin’ about stuff.”  Every other line gets applause, some so strong he talks through… like he’s not used to it yet. “Wall Street didn’t write these failed economic policies, the White House did. The problem is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Move the demonstrations!” “When you get to the part about “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”… keep reading!” He quotes Reagan on foreign policy, “Peace through strength.  The Cain version is “Peace through strength and clarity.” “Clarify who our friends are. Clarify who our enemies are. Stop giving money to our enemies.” “Upgrade the Aegis missle-defense system and then say to Ack-muh-dini-jad MAKE MY DAY!”  Thunderous applause. “America has problems, I’m a problem solver. That’s why I’m running for President… to be President!  What did I miss?”  ”America wants to raise some Cain… not more money.” This guy just gets better and better as we approach November 2012.


Informal reactions to the question “Has the economic downturn helped or hindered the issues of faith, family and freedom?” This is America, so opinion is not unanimous. More than half of the (very small) sample we questioned concluded that the economy was a “distraction,” that it was taking attention away from the “social values” issues. The others indicated that the economic suffering was driving people to give more attention to what’s “really important.” One man immediately recognized “this is a two-level issue.” He mentioned the “occupy Wall Street” demonstrations as sucking up “those first seven seconds” of our attention, and that’s how “the economy” usually affects us. But, upon reflection, we are more likely to turn away from what’s failing and turn back (repent?) toward what has ‘real value.’ “The economy and our values are inseparable,” said the last person I spoke with.  This corresponds to our own understanding of the unavoidable interrelation of morality, economy and politics. One might even say Politics and Prayer.

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