Fresh Rainbow Trout


This year’s experiment in aquaculture…75 trout in cages with 1000 fathead minnows to feed them until March, then good eating, fresh trout, smoked trout, trout pate.  Come and get it.

Leaf Peep from Loft Window


Peter is fishing for breakfast


Fall is still pretty warm if you are up north, no snow and cold, clear water in our 3 acre pond.  Big mouths and catfish are fine eating for breakfast.

Happy Birthday, Peter!

Dirt as an AntiDepressant? Yes

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Gardening without Tilling

This is so amazing, gardening without tilling, watering or fertilizing…just listening to God and gardening as if in Eden , watch it on vimeo…it’s great. It’s true, they show you step by step how wonderful listening to the Lord is when gardening.  Vimeo is not letting us show it here, but go there to Gardening […]

Spring Haven Farm


Now that we’ve improved the property greatly, we are formally giving it a name.  It does have a few springs on it along with the pond, and we think of it as a haven from the  usual cares of the world…maybe sounds strange because we do a great deal of work on it.  Yet, we […]

Honey Locust tree


Sounds like a beautiful name, but these spines can pierce through car tires.  Not really a nice tree to have around, especially if some limbs fall down; don’t want to be underneath that!

Poised in Mid Air


Looks like he’s floating thinking about that buried treasure.  Actually it was the septic D box we were looking for to put in copper sulfate to take care of tree roots that might impede good working. 

Beginning AquaCulture


Farm ponds are increasingly being used for aquaculture.  We have a 3 acre pond that is just begging for it.  We are testing this one cage  (we will put in several for at least 300 lbs or more of fish per season), and when it works will put trout in it for the winter and […]