We did not stock them and were wondering what these mounted holes were around the pond.  Upon investigation, they are what crayfish make.  We have to really check this out because the pond is in reality a dam and we don’t want crayfish riddling the dam with holes.  Haven’t seen them around the dam part […]



We bought  beautiful fig trees.  Since they need special attention, we have them on the balcony in the city.  When we are in the country more than a few days a week we will bring them with us; however, until then it looks like we will have at least 15 figs for a feast this […]

A man and the mouse

When Peter turned the boat over a mouse that must have been hiding under it jumped in and hid under the seat.  No amount of coaxing could bring him out, so Peter rowed around checking the depth of the pond……up to 14 feet in places….while the mouse stayed quite as a mouse.  He must have […]

Man Cave Cabin


Waiting for the tenants to leave the main house in September, so we must camp out in what will become the caretakers cottage for a few months.  Unfortunately the bugs still think it belongs to them and even bug spray doesn’t seem to deter them.  So we have an exotic net in a man cave.  […]

Making for Shore (line that is)


The shore lines have been neglected until now.  Trees that are not good for sheding their leaves in the pond have sprouted up all along the shore, so out they must go.  It’s not an easy job.

All our Ducks in a Row


Who says we don’t have our ducks in a row????  Well, they are geese and not ducks and while they are cute, we really don’t want more of them around.  You know on the pond they look so country, but on the lawn, they make a mess.  We had one family and suddenly and new […]

Homemade Feta Cheese


So what’s so special about watermelon and feta cheese salad on a hot summer day.  We enjoy cooking and made the cheese ourselves.  It sure is good.  Plus we enjoyed some Vin Santo and Biscotti for dessert.  Pretty nice summer dinner that’s for sure.

Blessing the Property


It was such a delightful day when Fr. Valery and Matuska Mariana came to visit and bless the property.  We had a nice lunch and then went fishing.  Guess who caught the most fish?

Moving Into Cottage


Now that all five houses are rented, we will camp out in what used to be the workshop.  It looks like an old Russian country home.  In time we will make it into the caretaker’s cottage and then have someone help us around the property in return for free rent. 

Getting Ready for the Unwanted Critters

We had some reports of snakes that we don’t want on the property.  We haven’t seen them ourselves …..yet….but we get ready for it every morning.  Carry this in the truck, always ready.