We are Blessed


Many people have said we are lucky…..”no,” we say, “we are Blessed.”

Our Favorite Song…

at least it is this year. How do you like it? Darius Rucker really nails it. He wrote it just for us, you know.

Who is that Woman Screaming

One of our tenants said she hear what sounded like a woman screaming. She was pretty sure it was not human, but heard it every night for a week. We investigated and it’s a vixen fox looking for love. Listen to it hear, does it sound like a woman screaming….the other sounds a fox makes […]

Winter in Culpeper


It’s pretty nice here with a snow covering. That’s one of the sheds and the silo….in the future we plan to at the very least make an observation platform on top of the silo. The stars are beautiful here because of no lights. Maybe if we get truly ambitious, we might make the silo into […]

Cleaning the Chimneys


Winterizing is quite a job, all five chimneys need attention and Peter is just the man for the job….we found a heavy chain in the shed weighing about 20 lbs.  Tie a rope on the chain bundle and up and down the chimney it goes with a steady hand and balancing on the ladder.  Chimneys […]

Me and My Wagon


My trusty Cub Cadet.  It only takes about 7 hours to mow the lawn and with my wagon I get around the property quite well.  This spring I look forward to buying a box scraper to work on the mile long driveway.

Quintessential Country Shed


The blue one is just so country, with the swayback roof.  Right now it’s a real man cave, every tool and nail and screw.  About 800 sq. feet, we plan to make it into a caretakers cottage.  Sure we are doing the major work now, but we don’t want to do it forever.  In a […]

Christmas in Culpeper,Va


These are beautiful gifts left behind. Yes,  they are do it yourself Christmas trees. Next year when we move into the main house we will be celebrating Christmas in style with the big, grand fireplace. We can fit a kettle of smoking bishop in there for sure, maybe some racalette cheese to go along with […]

Cleaning Air Vents for Winter


Since the air vents probably were not cleaned for years, and we wanted to be sure the heat was efficient, we cleaned the air vents.  The little boy who lived there for 3 years hid lots of his toys in the vents.  We found a mound of leggos under the house and when the heating […]

Wooly Bear


What do you think this Wooly Bear is telling us about the winter in Virginia? So far, less than 1 inch of snow and no more predicted until December 27.  Maybe he just like fur coats.