Getting Ready for the Unwanted Critters

We had some reports of snakes that we don’t want on the property.  We haven’t seen them ourselves …..yet….but we get ready for it every morning.  Carry this in the truck, always ready.

Christmas Tinsel in Birds nests

You will remember we put lots of silver Christmas tinsel on one of the bushes for Christmas decorating.  We read that there would be a good possibly that the birds would enjoy the tinsel too and make nests from them.  It’s True!  Silver sort of blends in with the mud and such but it’s there […]

Someone Broke our Tree


Every now and then a big truck comes in with a delivery….well they broke our beautiful tree…lucky we have a chain saw!

Fox Hunting


It’s officially over for the year, but we did make it out to the friendliest Hunt in the County, Bull Run Hunt….couldn’t get around much because of injury, but it was truly a beautiful morning watching the Hunters get ready; we even enjoyed a Stirrup cup of port with them before the Hunt….Next year, we […]

We Missed You

Yes, it’s been a long time since we posted.  Helen injured a hamstring, Peter was an angel of mercy and even helped wash her hair…so things were sloooooooow.  But we are finally back at it.  Weather is beautiful and we will be keeping you updated. Seemed in March we were plowing the snow and now […]

Cutting Down Sumac Trees


If you live in Virginia you know that Sumac trees grow much too fast and spread much too fast.  We thought it best to cut these down before they got any larger, and we can get a good look at the silo in the meantime.  Seems the silo has been a party spot for a […]

Let’s Dance, Spring is coming

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Bonfire on Saturday, March 7 – CANCELLED!


That’s Saturday, March 7th……turns out it will be unexpectedly snowy and colder than has long been forecast. Where’s that global warming when we really need it? So, we will probably not be cutting down trees around the silo, and it would be nicer to have friends in attendance when we burn that big pile of brush. […]

Our Snow Day


We have learned to read the weather forecast at least twice a day.  We are responsible for plowing the mile long driveway for the tenants and they are wonderful people so we don’t want to let them down. While everyone was in their PJ’s and dreaming sweet dreams, we were getting up every 2 hours […]