Our Snow Day


We have learned to read the weather forecast at least twice a day.  We are responsible for plowing the mile long driveway for the tenants and they are wonderful people so we don’t want to let them down. While everyone was in their PJ’s and dreaming sweet dreams, we were getting up every 2 hours […]

Mulling Wine with Fireplace Poker


Yes, we are fixing up and waiting for spring, but we think of the wonderful Christmas we will have when we move into the Main House next year.  Christmas will be a real celebration for at least 2 months!  You have all seen the scene in Scrooge where his nephew takes the red hot poker […]

2013 Advice, Keep Trying and Praying


It’s hard to imagine that we first visited the property in October, 2013 for Peter’s birthday.  Yes, we have been looking for a suitable property for many years.  At the time, it was listed for much more than we could have afforded.  However blessed as we are,  in time and with patience, it all came […]

Cold Weather Paint Experiment


We had about 12 half or 1/4 cans of white paint laying around.  Some of it was interior, some exterior, some white white, some off white.  So we are experimenting and mixed them all together.  Temps go below freezing at night, but sometimes goes to 45 during the day.  Started with just part of the […]

Time to Remove Christmas Wreath


Ok, it is February, but we really liked that wreath.  How does the new ornamentation look?

When Wood Fights Back

got it right on the nose

Sometimes when you yank on a piece of wood it seems it’s just fighting back and wants to make a point…right on the nose or head.  He’s ok, He’s Lucky, He’s Blessed.

Bonfire on Saturday, March 7….You are All Invited


That’s Saturday, March 7th……we will be cutting down trees around the silo.  Bring your chainsaw, or ax to help limbing.  Maybe you just want to help drag trees to bonfire area, or help with containing the bonfire, or just hanging out in the country and having some chili and cornbread…..you are all invited, 9 am […]

Breakfast by firelight


We all know candle light before noon is inappropriate, but by firelight, its quite a treat.

Making sure pipes don’t freeze at well house


Of course it’s important to be sure pipes don’t freeze in the house but if you have a well house, check that out, too. Electric heat tape with a thermostat works great. Some say with any renovation project, expect at least 20% more.  We say be ready for that, but also try to shop around […]

Making sure pipes don’t freeze in winter


It’s not an easy access, less than two feet high and dark and cold but insulation has to be done so pipes won’t freeze.