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Christmas is Church

The north (Massachusetts Ave.) door will be open from 9:00 pm to 3 am New Year’s Day. Come on in!

Tidings of Comfort

The first line of this old carol is supposed to comfort us; “God rest ye merry….” That’s how the gentlemen should be resting – merrily. It is sometimes, erroneously, understood as an exhortation for the gentlemen to take a break from their merriment “God rest ye, merry gentlemen.”


We have absolutely no control over never, even though we are forever.

Candy Canes

As a bishop, St. Nicholas undoubtedly carried a crozier and that sure could look like a candy cane, since it was also modeled after the “good shepherd’s” crook.

Some strange Christmas traditions

We bake Christmas fruitcake and plum pudding early in November and put it away to age in brandy or rum until the Feast of the Nativity. Others have some amazingly different traditions.

hat’s that?

Perhaps Adam and Eve’s second sartorial endeavor with fig leaves was to make hats.

log homes

In fact, a log home would be a luxury compared to this 12 x 12 foot “home” made of boards and a dirt floor, a ladder to climb to the sleeping loft where hay is the mattress.

nog, glog and grog

Let us keep the true spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts… and raise a glass to the Christ child!

The Ass and The Ox in The Nativity Icon

There is no ass or ox in the Biblical narratives of the birth of Christ. Yet, besides the Christ Child himself, the ass and the ox are the most ancient and stable elements in the iconography of the nativity.

Manhattan Declaration

Tony Perkins on the Manhattan Declaration

“We’re not going to change America by changing our laws. We’re going to change America by changing the hearts and minds of people. … We want to see people have the best life.”(see more interviews)

Robert George on the Manhattan Declaration

“Too few Christians understand how to defend what we believe. It’s great to believe, but we need to defend it, because it is under attack in the culture.”

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Chuck Colson on What’s Next after Signing the Manhattan Declaration

“Freedom of conscience… if it’s compromised for anyone, it’s compromised for everyone.”

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Fr Valery Shemchuk

“I was impressed by the spirit of this inter-confessional document…. Not being abusive, not being aggressive, but being firm.”
Fr. Valery (Shemchuk), Acting Dean at St Nicholas Cathedral, Washington DC

Jim Tonkowich on the Manhattan Declaration

“The Manhattan Declaration helps us address the critical question of the 21st Century, “What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be one of us?”
Jim Tonkowich