I came into the world as a Canadian and became an American citizen when it became clear to me that I was likely to spend the rest of my life here.

Culpeper Public Library


Wihout internet, the only place we could print documents and get wi-fi was the Culpeper Country Public Library. Nice to see they like President Washington and are not afraid of guns. This is the “local history” room.

Looking west in September

view west

This is the lawn-y vista just north of the pond. There is an as-yet unexplored wilderness of trees beyond those pines.

The Main House


Even this will be rented for the first year. We may camp out in a shed when we visit.

Hopefully ours this month.


Those are the tenant houses “across the moat” north of the three acre pond. The main house is south of the pond. In all, 5 homes on nearly 15 acres.