Making sure pipes don’t freeze at well house


Of course it’s important to be sure pipes don’t freeze in the house but if you have a well house, check that out, too. Electric heat tape with a thermostat works great. Some say with any renovation project, expect at least 20% more.  We say be ready for that, but also try to shop around […]

Making sure pipes don’t freeze in winter


It’s not an easy access, less than two feet high and dark and cold but insulation has to be done so pipes won’t freeze.

Narcissis at the Septic Tank


No, he is not admiring himself.  Peter has to be hands on everything at this place.  He makes it his own that way.  This is one of those  systems where the drain field is uphill across the road.  The tank he is looking into is the holding tank until it reaches a certain level and a pump […]

Refinishing a Claw Foot Tub


Actually, it doesn’t have any feet right now.  We found this very expensive “flower pot” near one of the sheds.  It’s pretty fine, just dirty.  Not even chips in the porcelain.  We bought a hand sander, looked up several you tubes and will start making it into a $1,400 tub instead of a flower pot.

House number 5


Now that the other 4 are rented, it’s time to work on house number 5. Former resident did a nice painting of a knight on the wall. Unfortunately he has to go when we paint over him

Bird Nests and Vines


Early morning strolls are always interesting. An empty bird nest, a tree strangled by a vine but still hanging on…we will help it out this early spring when we do pruning with a chain saw….and view over wood ready for log splitter to the pond.

Saving Money Fixing Propane Furnace


We found 2 propane furnaces in 2 different sheds…yes there are 6 sheds on the property and we have just about figured out what is in each…so looking up a bit on you tube and Peter’s eagle eye, he was able to salvage parts from each of them to make one that would have cost […]

Beautiful Open Field


We enjoy the beautiful open fields that will soon be part of another plan for the place…   One of the plans include putting some beef on one of the fields, another for recreation.  We found this book particularly interesting when researching about beef.  Helen grew up on a farm, but it’s always a good […]

Christ is Born, Let us Glorify Him


We are Eastern Orthodox Christians. Our traditional greetings to each other is, Christ is Born, in return someone says Let us Glorify Him. There is never a doubt of what the “reason for the season is”. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Please enjoy the Christmas Card below:

We are Blessed


Many people have said we are lucky…..”no,” we say, “we are Blessed.”